On the banks of the Ohio River, 1846, the Wm.Powell Company started manufacturing valves for steamboats. A 100 years later the butterfly valve is invented, and shortly thereafter the ball valve, and the valve world is forever changed. The global expansion of manufacturing of products is now expanded to virtually every country. Development of elastomers during the 50’s and 60’s and the invention of Teflon lead to new inventions and projects such as the Redstone Rocket Program with the use of cryogenic valves, and from there to sanitary butterfly valves used in all the major breweries… and on to high pressure and critical service valves.

The use of valves has allowed for the expansion and world-wide growth of new products and the development of countries. Valves have an impact on every facet of our lives today and industries that serve us. Welcome to the gateway of industries……. and the valves that got us here!



Reliant Engineered Products entry into the Aerospace industry actually goes way beyond the establishment of Reliant as an company, it is more of a family tradition. My father’s brother, Edward Alfredo Garza joined NASA shortly after the end of World War II , and was a member of the initial transition team that brought German Rocket engineers to the Southwest United States and a later Redstone Rocket into Huntsville, Alabama Research Center. Eventually NASA was born and from the words of President John F. Kennedy the race was on and the goal of putting a man on the Moon was accomplished. From the start of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and later the Shuttle Program NASA has been part most people lives. Since the end of the Space Shuttle Program, quietly there has been a Space Race taking place. NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other Space Agencies from Europe, Russia, India and China have also been very active. The race is for Mars and the Moon being a Service Facility for Mars mission.

As part of the New Space Race all of the existing Aerospace Companies have joined in the development and testing existing equipment from Rocket Engines to new polymers as part of the next generation. Reliant experience and resume of Engineered Products for Cryogenic and High Temperature applications along with other critical service equipment provides opportunity for our global manufacturers to be part of this growth. From Extreme Low Temperature Cryogenic Butterfly Valves to High Temperature Ball valves and the actuation to operate in timely Zero Tolerance Performance we at Reliant provide our knowledge and experience of previous projects and the quality engineered products that exceed the requirements of the application.


Pulp and Paper

0During the seventies and now through 2014 I have seen companies such as Hudson Pulp & Paper evolve into Georgia-Pacific. Working in Savannah, Georgia with companies such Fleming Supply provided my first gateway into Union Camp Paper and later International Paper and down the road to Rayonier in Jesup, Georgia and Fernandina Beach, Florida. This earlier exposure allowed for my first opportunities with Knife gate valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves and automated quarter-turn products. During my days with Powell starting in 2006 I was involved with a major High Pressure Manifold replacement in 2007 in Georgia-Pacific which entailed coordinating with the engineering from G-P to the engineers at Harris Group Engineering to the fabrication and installation with WW Gay Mechanical. This required a constant effort 24/7 to meet outages and start-up date. This coordination with all parties was a valuable experience and gained new relationships and future business opportunities.



The Pipeline market like the rest of Oil & Gas is centered in Texas. Companies like Kinder-Morgan, Williams Energy, Trans – Canads and Enbridge are just a few of the major pipeline companies that provide opportunity for products like Trunnion Ball valves and automation packages. The business is rapidly growing and continues to provide opportunities in the products for pipe-pigging and 6A/6D Valves and other pipeline products in pipeline operations. In Florida, there are major pumping stations / Compressor Stations that keep the flow of natural gas going. Florida Gas Transmission, TECO Gas are just a few of the local companies that we focus on.In addition, Kinder-Morgan – Atlanta and their major facility in Savannah, Georgia are just two of the present locations where we solicit business for Trunnion Ball valves and High Performance Cryogenic applications. Major pipeline facilities located through out the Southeast continue to provide new opportunities and three are presently under design in Florida and two others in the Southeast.



0Starting in the late seventies and into the early eighties with projects such as Seminole Electric Company – Palatka, Florida two fossil coal fired units from pressure seal valves for the boiler to yard piping valves, furnishing Powell Valves for this job was a great experience with the opportunity to work with Tompkins & Beckwith of Jacksonville, Florida and Bechtel Company – Fredrick, Maryland. Through the years doing projects with Duke Energy, Southern Company, Florida Power & Light NEXTERA and TXU in Texas with Fluor we have met and built lasting relationships based on our overall performance and the products that we have furnished.


Food and Beverage

In the mid-80’, I was my first viable opportunity to start learning the brewing industry with companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Miller-Coors this would lead into opening my first valve and automation company in 1989. Starting as a one person operation and expanding into new products such as Tuchenhagen Mixproof technology for major beers and sanitary piping and all the related products used in brewing. This exposure to great beer companies has continued through the years with many of the engineers, Maintenance personell and brewing managers still maintaining contact. The associated products for brewing has opened doors into Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other soft drink companies. The many projects that we supplied skid fabrication and Panel Manifolds was a great combination of quality products and working with customers who appreciated 24/7 work ethic and the knowledge and experience to resolve problems.



During the latter eighties and nineties was my first opportunity to provide Fabrication and Skids for different markets. Starting initially in the Citrus industry and moving into beer industry was my first appreciation of being able to provide a the total package for different types of projects. Starting with a mixing station for chemicals and evolving into control panels was a big step and having quality welders and understanding flow dynamics. Companies such as Louis Dreyfus Citru, Anheuser-Busch, Citrosuco, Bacardi Rum to Pepsi-Cola all have equipment that is still operational. The OEM business today still provides opportunities to provide value-added design and quality engineered valves. The design and complexity of providing this service is not as difficult if you have a automation background and understand instrumentation. The ability to meet these requirements is based on the customer having confidence with the team of asscociates that are part of your company.



Starting my career path in Outside Sales at the age of twenty, my first major account was a Mechanical Contractor, WW Gay Mechanical – Jacksonville, Florida.Through my career I have been very fortunate to grow my career and business opportunities through great customers and friends that have been a part of the Mechanical Business. From supplying new hospital projects to State Farm Insurance to Anheuser – Busch projects customers like WW Gay provided as much educational knownledge of the products seeing them first hand being installed. From early days of providing plumbing fixture quotes to floor drains I was exposed to a multitude of different type projects and applications.From a major power plant upgrade to a highrise retirement home I have seen the market change and the products evolve. From Soil Pipe to PVC-DWV I have not forgotten my roots and the knownledge passed on to me by many a great project Superintendent.



Going aboard a US Navy guided-missile cruiser stationed at Mayport, Florida provided me one the first really unique opportunities to resolve a valve issue. The US Navy valve specs require MILV Spec.Valve Approval which is centered around a High Performance Butterfly Valve design that can not fail due to the serious of most operating conditions surrounding the US Navy missions.On this particular opportunity it was a simple adjustment of the packing gland that led to the problem being resolved. I realized and to this day appreciate the Navy and their commitment to show respect for my ability to assist them on a rather simple task but was seen as a very serious operational situation. Later did realize that this Cruiser was nuclear armed. During the seventies and eighties Marine business was a local booming business. Being involved with double-union valves, Butterfly Valves was just a small part of all the products that are part of industry. W&O Supply Company was one of the first major Marine Distributors in USA and Canada for complete resume of marine valves and products. Today, the company is still going strong and headquatered in Jacksonville, they are located at every major port in North America. Reliant is presently providing Keckley products to their local warehouse.


Automation and Controls

In the mid-eighties I first was introduced to Instrumentation and automation & Controls. Starting with Taylor Instruments, Keystone Valve, Valtek Controls I was taught and sent to many manufacturing schools who required you to be trained in the principles of Instrumentation and automating valves.Going from 3-15 psi signal for control applications to 4-20ma was a big jump and then to SMART Positioners. Most of the success for learning came from the many instrumentation techs and Maintenance departments that took the time to show you how to install a pieces of equipment and how to calibrate a mix-proof valve or adjust the travel on an actuator. From late in November 1989, until December 2005 I was automating every type of quarter-turn valve from V-Ball, Knife gate valves to all types of Butterfly valves. From this we expanded in mix-proof technology and the many holiday shutdowns to rebuild and calibrate hundreds of valves over a four day holiday have been many. The knownledge and experience of working with good qualified people who would share their secrets and tips on how to fix a control valve have been unlimited.


LNG and Cryogenic

The overall LNG & Cryogenic market continues to grow with LNG Liquefaction still being the centerpiece of the Oil & Gas market continued growth. Being in this market provided experience to dealing with engineered valves for Cryogenic service from Cryogenic Triple-Offset Butterfly valves to Cryogenic Ball Valves. The exposure to the size of this marketplace was evident in 2012 at LNG 17 in Houston, Texas. This conference and show provided the opportunity to meet and expand the product base of engineered valves suitable for Cryo and LNG appliactions. With the continued expansion of more facilities for loading and transferring LNG to tankers has kept this industry growing. With the companies we presently represent with allow us to mutually grow with companies such as Ampo Poyam, Hobbs and Habonim.


Chemical and Mining

0The first mining facility I was fortunate to work with early on was Occidental Chemical in White Springs, Florida. From their mining operations to their chemical plants, the valve and piping opportunities were unlimited during their expansion in the early and mid-seventies. From Mining business in the Lakeland, Florida to North Carolina I have had the opportunities to work with companies such as PCS Phosphate on number project and MRO agreement. During this same period I began to evolve into the Chemical industry with accounts such Union Camp Chemical, SCM-Glidco, Augusta Services, CF Industries, BASF, Bayer Chemical and many others through out the country. From providing special alloys in piping to high corrosion resistant ball valves to automation. This market continues to upgrade and with the engineered products we  epresent we will be able to provide new solutions.


Oil and Gas

While working in the Houston Oil & Gas marketplace during the past ten years we have been able to appreciate the shear size and scope of EPC’s and the Oil companies themselves with the amount of projects globally that were furnished from companies such as Lockwood International. Dealing with ExxonMobil, Chevron and Valero on MRO agreements and product approval was a tremendous experience and the overall size of projects was amazing. Working on the local level with EPC’s such as KBR, Fluor, Jacobs and CB&I was a valuable learning opportunity. Houston is the global leader for Oil & Gas market today with companies such as Exxon-Mobil moving their headquarters was a major move and Opportunities.

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