Apr 1, 2015

PRUSS – Germany – Blitzes into the North America – Power Industry


Wilfried Drehmel – CEO – announced the appointment of Reliant Engineered Products LLC , Jacksonville, Florida as their North America business partner in their expansion into the Power/Energy Marketplace along with the Oil & Gas sector. Pruss’s long history of success in the manufacturing of Critical Service and Control Applications valves is far reaching around the global industrial sector.
Pruss resumé of success has been expanded within the USA market through past projects with Siemens, Alstom and Foster- Wheeler on power related control
valve applications. Pruss values their long tradition of being an Industry leader in problem solving for critical steam and gas turbine operations along with feedwater control valves.Their experience of having a quality engineering team to facilitate design criteria to solve and offer valued-added savings with their valves has spread globally over the past 120 years.
Reliant’s mission is to provide the North America support for new projects along with existing plants and OEM’s who service the Power / Energy customer base.Initially, their introduction into Major Power Utility market will be achieved through existing relationships that Reliant has established over the past forty years of working with EPC’s ,OEM’s and Utilities through out the USA. Jim Garza – CEO –
Reliant Engineered Products adds that the partnering with PRUSS completes a resume of quality engineered valves and actuation that will provide new avenues of support for global companies seeking a North America footprint.

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