Mar 15, 2015

Keckley Company Appoints Reliant Engineered Products

Skokie, Illinois – Robert Miller, Vice-President of Sales of announced the appointment of Reliant Engineered Products , LLC – Jacksonville, Florida as their Florida Manufacturer Representation firm. Reliant is an engineered valve company
that provides automation and controls for their resumé of global manufacturers who serve Oil & Gas, Power/Energy, Chemical, Pulp & Paper,Marine, Food & Beverage and the Mechanical / Commercial contractor markets. Keckley celebrating their 101st year of business started originally in the Chicago area manufacturing wye strainers for the Piping and Boilers markets in the Midwest.
Starting after World War 2, Keckley began expanding into other markets,developing bucket strainers, float valves and pressure reducing valves.
Keckley through many years of providing quality products where preference for their specific brand became a piping tradition.
Through the generations of success being passed from father to son, Keckley third generation leadership embarked on an aggressive new product initiative to gain new market share in valve related products.First starting with Ball Valves and the appointment of Al Schommer- Director- Quarter Turn Operations.Al brings vast experience from design and manufacturing of ball valves from previous success at Circor KF/ WATTS and Quadrant.Al relationships within the Oil & Gas and API Industry is well known and documented.
In addition, the knife gate valves of various configurations are now available from inventory to service Pulp & Paper,Food & Beverage and Wastewater.
With the appointment of Reliant and their Northeast Florida Warehouse location providing next day service to all the major markets in Florida this will provide growth in all of the Keckley product lines. Keckley and Reliant’s mutual business success is based on a tradition of service and providing quality products that exceed customer expectations.

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